Meg Faure
Baby Sense Sleep Sense Feeding Sense

Megan Faure (OTR) Meg is an Occupational Therapist with a special interest in babies and toddlers – specifically irritable infants; sleep problems, emotional engagement difficulties and fussy feeding. Her clinical practise is in Cape Town and she consults and speaks internationally too. Passionate about parenting babies, Meg seeks to assist parents to nurture their baby’s emotional world in all her areas of work:

  • Meg co- authored Baby Sense, Sleep Sense and Feeding Sense and in 2011 wrote The Baby Sense Secret.
  • Always seeking practical solutions for parenting, Meg founded the Baby Sense product brand, which she sold in 2014.
  • In 2016 she launched a toddler playgroup solution called Play Sense.
  • Meg wrote the smart phone Application called Baby Sense Day-by-Day and is currently working on a wearable device for infants.

She is married with three children James (18), Alex (15) and Emily (11) and lives in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

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